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Avoid scams and frauds.  NEVER wire or send money for services or merchandise advertised in these or any other Classified Ads.

Scam Smart

Classified Ads are intended for local use in the hope of preventing scams and fraudulent transactions. If buying, make sure you inspect the merchandise prior to handing over any cash and if you arrange to make a purchase in a public place such as a coffee shop ensure the merchandise you leave with is the one you inspect. It has happened that the buyer inspects and approves the merchandise and then the seller goes to their vehicle to get one "still in the box" but the box does not contain the correct item. If a property rental advertiser is not available to show the property and you cannot gain access prior to paying a deposit and any rents DO NOT PROCEED. Driving or walking by the outside of an arbitrary property address provided to you by an anonymous landlord is not sufficient!

I will endeavour to verify all listings but please inform of any suspicious listings for appropriate action.